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End of The Chase For New Horizons?

On the 4th of September 1989, I was avidly going through the pages of the latest edition of Newsweek. Even though I am not able to refresh my memory since the said edition is not available online, I can still vividly remember every single sentence printed in that magazine more than three decades ago.

Anton Komarov
La Belle France, Colonial Oppressor to the Core.

The French colonialists are still looting Africa today. But France is democratic country, one of the mainstays of the EU, distributing largesse and democracy globally (like it did in Libya turning the country into a dystopian state where violence and poverty are now endemic) so how come? France is still living on the back of its ex-colonies,

By Steven Martin
A Monster in Africa.

The arrival of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States, Victoria Nuland in South Africa, the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is not an omen of American...

Steven Martin
African Space Agency

The world is radically changing, what we took for granted is now being questioned on a daily basis. The changes are global and the predicted but sudden shift is affecting all aspects of society from our definition ...

By Anton Komarov
Gonzalo Lira’s Arrest & Latin American Press.

When the dual nationality Chilean/American journalist Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the Ukrainian Security Services at his home in Kharkov, Ukraine, there was a very small and temporary moment of news worthiness ascribed to it in the global mainstream media. ...

Steven Martin
BRICs Currency. End of the Petrodollar?

The proposed inception of an alternative Global Reserve Currency mooted for over a year by the members of the BRICs through the auspices of Russia, China and India has both infuriated and scared the living daylights out of the USA and those in the West who follow its interests

By Steven Martin

Dear friends our Facebook (META) Account has been hacked. We have made the necessary attempts to recover it but unfortunately Facebook will take up to 14 Days to delete the account, as of NOW please do not Access the account and do not accept any financial advice of any kind but above all never send money to this individual on Facebook. ...

The Team
Daniel prophet of The Bush.

The strip of land running along the sides of the railway track which wends its way between Kempton Park and Tembisa (both it and the line go further in both directions) is the setting for this tale. Its depth varies from minimal to large distances interspersed with bush, trees and habitation. There is wildlife from birds, the usual rodents...

By Anton Komarov
Recession/Depression? Choose...

Are we entering a recession or moving toward a depression is a question few wish to contemplate given how either will impact on our personal lives. Our ‘lives’ are a balancing act between survival ...

By Steven Martin
(Press Freedom) For Stonewall Lira.

On the 20th of January of this year, I wrote a massive analysis of a debate that Gonzalo Lira hosted on his podcast ‘The Roundtable’. This analysis was eminently critical against the way Lira a seasoned Youtuber...

By Julia Bean Brooks
The Final Goodbye To Free Speech.

The problem with Human Rights is that they revolve fundamentally around a simple series of issues that affect all of us in different ways, often on very basic. One of the most basic is Freedom of Speech or Expression,...

Steven Martin
US Attempts To Divide Russia & RSA

The recent ridiculously unnecessary public interchange between the United States and South Africa has yet again highlighted distinct and completely duplicitous behaviour by the Media...

Steven Martin
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